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"Complete Framing is a shining example of a well managed franchise. In my experience, the group exemplifies attention to detail and a commitment to presenting a complete professional image. Complete Framing understands the value of a uniform and consistent approach to presentation of both the franchise and the product delivered to the customer. Andrew's enthusiasm, organisational skills and commitment to quality ensures that Complete Framing will build to be the industry standard of the future."
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Rob Sharkey - Prints Happening

"Customer service, attention to detail and a genuine desire to do business are essential elements of running a successful company and yet they are often hard to find in business these days. Complete Framing and Andrew Scott are exception! I would highly recommend Andrew in any business endeavors he chooses to undertake and am pleased to call him a friend."
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Natasha Read - East Coast

"I love their impeccable customer service.
I love the new and innovative ideas Complete Framing develops for all types of art, especially tapestry work.
I love knowing that Complete Framing has the latest range of products and services available.
I love spending time selecting colours and frames in the friendly atmosphere of Complete Framing ... I wouldn't trust my art with anyone else but Complete Framing."
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Patricia M McFarland

"I have been servicing Andrew Scott of Complete Framing on the Sunshine Coast for the last 5-6 years. I have seen Andrew's framing talents grow in these years to some of the most presentable finished pieces of work. He only uses the most conservation techniques and materials available on the market. Andrew is a natural at making his customers feel completely at ease, during the selection process of framing and its easy to see how Andrew's business is growing."
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Peter Long - Megawood

"Andrew and his talented design team are continually searching for new and more efficient ways of doing things. They challenge the existing practices and methods of the industry and primarily focus on framing design. This leads not only to higher customer satisfaction levels, repeat and referral business but also encourages the Public to realise what the difference is between the Big box framing supplier and the Custom Framer."
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Keith Madden - Larson Juhl

"In order to achieve maximum prices at our charity auctions, presentation is obviously extremely important. It is gratifying to know that Complete Framing has the experience to visualise the finished product and the ability to portray that to the client. It helps to know that in the unlikely case that the purchasers of our items have any problems with the framing, there is a "10 year guarantee" on your workmanship so that it can be reframed at no further cost."
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Jack Newton

"From a supplier's perspective Complete Framing actively promotes those products that add value, and this sees them achieve a high average sale. They also actively embrace and display new decorator trends, which contributes toward a perception of being a retail market leader. These two factors have partially contributed towards an obviously successful formula, which is ready for significant expansion."
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Campbell Hughes - Hughes Mouldings Pty Ltd